Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why Blog?

Well, indeed why not?

My aim with this Blog is twofold.

Firstly it is to practice the ancient bloggity art, to become one with the know-how, the technology, the culture, the principles & practices. After all, one doesn’t want to wait until the last moment to go through all of that.

Secondly, I may or may not have something to say. I haven’t decided yet.

What little I do know is that I’m trying to study the art of screenwriting... as yet I am in that strange land between abysmal and somewhat mediocre.

I once read that you typically have to write five or six screenplays before starting to get the hang of things. So that’s what I do. I joined several years ago and review the work of others for insight into the craft. When I feel I have gained enough knowledge I craft my shoddy works and upload them for peer review... three or four have so-far been scrutinized and rightfully taken down for a much needed rewrite. But I am getting better and I have learned a ton of stuff.

Ideally I prefer comedy, but probably anything will work. I think it’s important to study different genres and make an attempt to see what finds you.

If I have my way, I’ll write screenplays that are targeted to family audiences... I certainly don’t dislike sex, violence and profanity but find it difficult to see myself using these regularly.

I don’t see it as selling out, more one of avoiding a hard sell.

But I do love words. And studying them, profane or not, is healthy IMHO.