Sunday, September 9, 2007

Handy Writer's Software - Quickstory

Quickstory 5 software (Windows)
by Typing Chimp software ~ $50 US approx.

(formerly QuickPlot)

Quick rundown

The idea is that you establish your story by navigating your way through a traditional tree structure (on left) and fill-in the blanks and/or free-form text (on the right). (Click on any of the screen shots below to enlarge so you can better see what’s on each page.)

This software is probably a good tool for helping to overcome writer’s block. The imagination is easily sparked by selecting a structure (3-acts, 8-sequences etc) and then generating plot points “Generate a Story”). If any one plot point feels promising, it can be locked/hold to prevent it being overwritten by the next set of generated plot points.


Once back on the main page (”Done“), the tree structure is established with all the generated/selected text under each plot point.


Any of the text that is assigned to the whole story or to each plot point can be changed by-hand.


If you change your mind about any one plot point, new plot point text can be generated. However, it will be necessary to tell the software which plot point you have currently selected because once the whole thing has been generated initially, it no-longer knows due to the extensive changes you might have made.


Once you are satisfied with the story, it will be necessary to generate the entire set of text you’ve created into the Pad... from thereon out, it can be printed or copied elsewhere.


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