Friday, July 13, 2007

From the Vulgarity Department

Today’s Pick - CAMELTOE - (slang) refers to the outline of a female genital area when observed through tight clothing.

The problem with slang is that it doesn’t translate very well outside of a given culture. And this word in particular falls under that rule. Notice how it describes something without actually saying anything offensive per se... and yet it is still frowned upon (see below) but the imagery associated with the word is hilarious IMHO.

In celebration of this word, a song aptly named "CamelToe" was also a regular (and very popular) song played on the Bob & Tom Show (syndicated US radio since 1995 on WFBQ Indiana)... sung to the tune of The Beach Boy’s “Kokomo”, this very funny spoof celebrated the amusing variety of words used to describe this particular cametoeian phenomena. LOL

This song was removed from air play under pressure from the FCC following the Super Bowl XXXVIII half-time program controversy. Of course it wasn’t involved in that debacle in any way, but rather it fell victim to the renewed sense of outrage sweeping the country after the infamous wardrobe malfunction. LOL

I’m publishing this here really to demonstrate how easy it is for fairly common euphemisms (albeit crude or clinical ones) to become taboo long after they were first introduced.

radioold.jpg >Radio Station song here.wma.jpg

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