Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Great Moments in Cinema

One of the great things about Screenplays IMHO is reading the original words of the writers... we often remember the lines of dialogue in a movie but unless you read the SP itself, you’re going to miss out on reading how the action was originally intended.

A fight scene... a sex scene... whatabout a movie with little dialogue... ? How’s it done?

Whenever I come across something worthwhile, I’ll post the page or the scenes or whatever it may be.

Please note though that I’m going to literally take whatever I have in the shooting script. That means it may not have made its way into the film exactly like that (due to a new revision, last minute direction, actor’s improvisation, editing in post etc).

To avoid confusion, the post’s subject title will refer to the name of the film and year it was released... this is likely to be different from that on the title page of the SP. For example “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (2005) was written by Shane Black as “You’ll never die in this town again” (2003).

Also, it goes without saying that the SP standards (such as they are) are likely to differ greatly between SPs from different production years.

So get whatever you can from these particular posts but just remember they’re not authoritative tutorials... they’re just one way a writer has solved a particular problem.

Or it’s just a great moment in the movie’s history & worth seeing how it was written. We all love twists, reveals, surprises... :)

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