Thursday, July 5, 2007

Writing Low-Budget Film tips

Some time ago a few of us out on Triggerstreet were attempting to write a low-budget SP... the interesting thing (for me anyway) was that I’d never contemplated what was involved before then.

The following is a list of typical things that propel writing out of that league. Speaking for myself, I found that taking these into consideration meant you were FORCED to focus on the existing characters and plot... a worthy enough exercise in itself!

Not that you should ever aim for low-budget only, but it’s an interesting exercise in minimalism. Plus of course it increases the odds of getting sold LOL.

❑ Too many speaking parts
❑ Too many locations
❑ SFX and Firearms
❑ Stunts
❑ Opticals
❑ Exteriors on public roadways or sidewalks
❑ Night exteriors
❑ Crowd scenes
❑ Weather and seasons
❑ Specific music
❑ Period pieces
❑ Animals and Children
❑ Trains and cars
❑ Uniforms, "official" vehicles
❑ Heavy make-up or hair demands
❑ Errors and Omissions Insurance

All of these came from an original article courtesy of author Colin Brunton and by the Canadian Film Centre. If you follow the link, each of these are explained. >Great article here!

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