Friday, July 20, 2007

Handy Writer's Software

Every once in a while I come across computer software for writers which will intrigue me enough to warrant a purchase. Sometimes it turns out to be useful, sometimes the exact opposite.

Where I think others will benefit, I’ll put something together (screenshots etc) and post an article to tout the usefulness.

I’ll probably steer clear of trashing something though... often I quit using software for a variety of reasons. Bad customer support, buggy code etc. Or else I’ve changed computer platforms and have long since left the old stuff behind... or a new piece of software comes along that totally supersedes the need for the older stuff.

As always, what I put together is just my opinion. The screenshots I take are designed to give you a flavor, not to divulge secrets to avoid your purchasing the software itself. In fact, I encourage purchases because that way you get the full benefits (manuals, updates etc).

So... just beware that what I put together may be perishable information (e.g. the software is subsequently updated) or else the system requirements have changed.

You are encouraged to investigate the vendor and/or suppliers of the software in question to try and get the best price by shopping around. (I try and give a current price for the software to give others a hint of what they’re dealing with.)

I have no financial interest in any of these guys; I don’t get a percentage. lol

Just trying to share information!


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