Saturday, August 4, 2007

Great Moments in Cinema - TOOTSIE (1982)

58.        CONTINUED:                                                                50

John and Dorothy are doing their scene. John’s eyes go to the teleprompter behind Dorothy frequently.

        “Well, you haven’t changed at
        all, Emily.”

        “Oh, but I have, Medford. Now
        that father is dead, the weight
        of his hospital falls upon my
        shoulders. And I will bear
        that weight, no matter what
        obstacles you put in my path.”

                (leaning toward her)
        “You know, Emily, there’s no
        reason for us to be in opposite
        camps. We can rule ‘Southwest
        General’ together. I admire
        people with power.
                (coming closer)
        Women with power, especially.”

He leans forward to kiss her. Dorothy slaps his across the face. He
stands open-mouthed.

        “Is this the same approach you
        would have used on my father,
        Dr. Brewster? Do you really
        think I’m someone you can grope
        in the broom closet and then
        not consider a threat? I’m
        afraid, Dr. Brewster, that you
        have underestimated me. If you
        want to win me over, you’ll
        have to deal with my mind, not
        my lips.”

                (into his mike)
        And cut!

                (into his mike)
        Stop tape.

        Can we use it?

        Are you kidding?

59.        INT. STUDIO - CAST, CREW

Rita and Ron enter. John stands holding his face. There is a
buzz of conversation. All OVERLAPPING.

        I was supposed to kiss her.

        It was an instinct. I kept
        hearing Ron’s words -- “instant
        threat” and I realized how much
        it would --

        -- It was a good instinct.
        It would have been mine.

                (to Julie)
        Just a minute -- I’ll handle
        the instincts here! It
        happened to be a good instinct
        but next time, if you have a
        question about a piece of
        business, you discuss it with

        It was wrong of me not to.

        And thanks for catching me.
        You saved my ass. I mean

        Okay, people. Item seven.

                (claps Van Horn
                on back)
        Big John, good work!

All leave except Van Horn and Dorothy.

        Dorothy... I just want to say
        that I loved what you did in our
        scene. Welcome aboard.

He kisses her full on the mouth.

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