Saturday, August 11, 2007

Handy Reference Book - Sequences

Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach
- 2004 by Paul Joseph Gulino. $12.00 US new


(from the back of the book)
...explores an often-overlooked tool that can be key in solving this problem. A screenplay can be understood as being built of sequences of about fifteen pages each, and by focusing on solving the dramatic aspects of each of these sequences in detail, a writer can more easily conquer the challenges posed by a script as a whole.

The sequence approach has its foundation in early Hollywood cinema (until the 1950s, most screenplays were formatted with sequences explicitly identified), and has been rediscovered and used effectively at an increasing number of film schools.

This concise, fascinating book exposes a wider audience to the approach for the first time, introducing the concept and then providing a sequence analysis of eleven significant feature films made between 1940 and 2001...

(from the Contents page)

An introduction to Sequences 1
        Why Sequences? 1
        The Origin of Sequences 3
        How a screenplay works 4
        How Sequences work 12

Toy Story 20
The Shop Around the Corner 41
Double Indemnity 64
Nights of Cabiria 80
North by Northwest 97
Lawrence of Arabia 114
The Graduate 145
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 158
Air Force One 172
Being John Malkovich 182
The Fellowship of the Ring 199

Sources 225
Index 227

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