Saturday, August 11, 2007


An INTERCUT is a technique whereby a writer can alternate between two or more locations without having to re-establish master sluglines. It is typically used when characters are conducting telephone conversations but that need not be the only time this is used.

Each location must first be established once and after the INTERCUT is provided, the dialogue & action can flow as if all the scenes characters are present together.

from “Disturbia” (2007)

3         INT. SUV - EVENING - CONTINUOUS - MOVING                 3

Jeff drives. Kale's on his cell:

                        KALE (cont'd)
                (into phone as needed)
                Hey mom, it's us. Listen, fire up
                the grill 'cause the Bassmasters are
                headed home!

Jeff slaps Kale five as he veers the SUV into the left lane,
passing a slow-moving PATHFINDER...

                                                        INTERCUT WITH:

4         INT. KALE'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY - CONTINUOUS         4

Kale's attractive mom, JULIE, 40, on cordless, preps dinner.

                You're kidding. So I can actually
                put the burgers away this time?

                Yes, be gone with the red meat!

Julie smiles. Jeff grabs the phone from Kale.

                (into phone as needed)
                We're having fish for a week.

Kale smiles as a LINCOLN NAVIGATOR PICK-UP zooms past in the
right lane, swerves back in the left lane in front of them.

                        JEFF (CONT'D)
                (over the above)
                I'd say an hour. Love you, too.

Jeff flips the phone shut, tosses it to Kale. They exchange
smiles. A silent moment passes. They both turn to face the
road as --


suddenly SWERVES back into the right lane, revealing a


directly in front of them!

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