Monday, August 13, 2007

Handy Reference Book - Good scripts/Bad scripts

Good Scripts, Bad Scripts
1998 by Thomas Pope $14.00 new


(from the back of the book)
...Each chapter deals with a different component of the art of screenwriting - from character development to the nurturing of subplots to the fundamentals of good dialogue - and illustrates it through the virtues or mistakes of a particular film...

(from the Contents page)
Part One: Structure

The Abyss 3
Cutthroat Island 8
Inherit the Wind 14
Singin’ in the Rain 27
Pulp Fiction 40
The Usual Suspects 52
High Noon 60
Citizen Kane 70
Bonfire of the Vanities 80
Last Action Hero 92
Fargo 102
Jewel of the Nile 108
Groundhog Day 119
The Searchers 125
The Verdict 133
Tender Mercies 140
Some Like It Hot 147

Part Two: Character

Prizzi’s Honor 157
The Day of the Jackal 166
Network 175
Chinatown 183
Casablanca 193
Havana 204
Treasure of the Sierra Madre 210
Falling in Love 223

Resources 231

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